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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The mountains are not only a source of mental rest for us but also a place to challenge ourselves and our perceptions. We are here to share the ups and downs, mountain tops and valley floors, in a safe and supportive way.

Mountain Adventures

Recreation in the mountains can be intimidating – whether it is because of skill level, experience, age or social background. 

We aim to minimize the limitations, so we can focus on our and your adventure.

Beartooth adventures come in different formats: half day, full day or multiple days (trips).

Whether you want to try ice climbing, ski a peak in the beartooth or climb a rock spire, with us you will always have an expert on your side.

When do you want to adventure?


In our educational courses, you can learn the skills for rock climbing, avalanche education, ice climbing, backcountry skiing etc.

You can book a private session, join a course or sign up with your own group.


We do not only deliver our expertise to experienced climbers that want to challenge themselves or discover the area.

​Many of our adventures are suitable for families and are customed to to kids.

Activities such as Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Hiking and Cross Country Skiing can be designed to fit the need of an exciting activity but with a flexible time commitment.


We believe that all of us should be able to recreate in the mountains.

Because of historical and present access barriers we aim to provide courses and support events, that provide spaces for people to thrive in.

Women's Courses
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Meet The Team

We believe that all of us should be able to recreate in the mountains.

Through our selection of experienced and personable guides we provide safety in the mountains but also a mental support for your adventure.

Our guides know where to lead you safely and plan accordingly to your skill level and ability.

With our educational courses we lay the fundamentals of independent mountain recreation while living the community for you to succeed in.


Guide/ Co-Owner

Mountain Guide JT Schmitt




Mountain Guide Akio Joy

Guide/ Co-Owner

Mountain Guide Austin Hart

Guide/ Co-Owner

Mountain Guides are the soul of any guide service

As the only local mountain guide service in the Beartooth mountains we lay an emphasis on experienced guides and a professional service.

What you might not know: Land management agencies and insurances do not require formal education for mountain guides. The majority of mountain guides in the US has not taken educational courses or are certified.


Why is this important: A formal education in mountain guiding through a course that is internationally recognized gives the guide and the employer a third hand feedback from an international certified mountain guide (American Mountain Guide). Often, the guide works by themselves, and it is difficult for employers to check the guide’s skills and risk management. The guide additionally learns more about their own guiding skills and can work on improvement.

What you should know: At Beartooth Mountain Guides we care about our Guide’s education and experience. While we can’t say that all our guides are certified, we encourage formal education and follow international safety standards. We do this by financial incentives and by only hiring guides that have taken at least one formal course in addition to their guiding and personal mountain experience.

Our Story

After having traveled all over Europe, the US and South America, Akio Joy and Anju Samuelson decided to call Red Lodge, Montana their home base.

Here they still find true adventure, developing new routes and challenge themselves physically and mentally. They have been guiding and recreating in Montana’s mountains over the last few years and have been looking into forming their own guiding service.

For them, the best form of guiding is by creating and managing mountain trips tailored to the user by the guide themself.

Many roads and trails have made the backcountry easier to access – in fact there are few remote mountain ranges left. The Beartooth wilderness area is one of them and the long approaches are rewarded with scenic alpine views and rare wildlife seeings.

Now, together with Austin Hart, they became part owners of Beartooth Mountain Guides.


In 2002 legendary Alpinist Rob Hart founded Beartooth Mountain Guides in order to provide more access to this remote mountain range.

His nephew Austin Hart took over the leadership 2012. Since then he and his team have guided Granite Peak over a 100 times and introduced many newcomers to the region. Austin is passionate about guiding and was looking in 2020 for some new perspectives and ambitions for Beartooth Mountain Guides.

Our Partners

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Monthly news about trips, courses, conditions, route updates and internal happenings.

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