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Allie Oaks

Allie (she/her) Guide

Allie was born and raised in the Midwest US. Eager for a new climate and region to explore, she headed west for college and attended nursing school at Arizona State University. It was in AZ where she became connected to the outdoors through a club at school and was introduced to rock climbing. Climbing started as an exciting new hobby, but within a few years, it became a priority. In 2017 in between travel nursing contracts, Allie was on the road exploring climbing destinations throughout the western US and Canada such as the Northern Cascades, the High Sierras, Tetons and the Bugaboos. Allie was introduced to ice climbing in Ouray in 2019 and continued to hone in skills while on a contract near the Adirondacks. In 2021, Allie took a contract in Cody WY and soon after moved there permanently and became a rock and ice guide. With the South Fork of the Shoshone as her new playground, it became easy to engage in the ice and mixed climbing readily available. Her love for exploring wild places through the art of alpinism continues to grow and she now carries a curiosity for big routes in the alpine and has debuted this newfound zest with objectives in the Alaska Range. Allie loves climbing for the deep connections that are fostered while in the mountains; to self, others, and the beautiful world around us.

  • AMGA SPI instructor 

  • PCGI rock rescue trained 

  • AIRIE Level 1 

  • 10+ years climbing experience with numerous Grade V and VI ascents 

  • Ice & mixed leads through WI5 and M6 

  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Global Health Minor 

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