Backpacking Trips


Discovering the Beartooth Wilderness is for everyone; young and old, big or small. Join us on a custom single or multi-day guided trip with your backpack and tent. From April to September enjoy the incredible alpine views from snowy mountain couloirs to crystal clear lakes!

Customized Trips.

2-7 days

We will only take you off the beaten path - avoid crowds and enjoy maximal peacefulness.

The Beartooths host some of Montana's premier backpacking routes, both on and off trail. Expect wild alpine scenery from glacial valleys to high plateaus. Known for it's pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and towering granite walls, you can expect a memorable hiking trip in the Beartooth Wilderness. Our trips are designed around a multitude of experience levels, so please inquire for route recommendations!
Spend the full day outside exploring trails that match your ability and goals.  We can guide you to new heights while teaching you important outdoor skills such as Leave No Trace ethics as well as local geology and history. These day trips are based out of the Red Lodge area.
All of our trips include:
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Natural History Interpretation
  • Backcountry Travel Practices
  • Hazard/Risk Assessment
Please see Price List for all prices.

Silver Run

3-4 day Backpacking Trip

Roughly 18 miles long and 4000 ft of elevation gain, this 2-3 backpacking trip leads you through the Beartooth wilderness via the Silver Run plateau.

We will start out of Red Lodge from Bear track trailhead and soon climb up to the plateau. At 10500 feet the Silver Run plateau is one of the biggest plateaus in the Beartooth and entails a remote alpine tundra.

We will visit Timberline Lake and descent the plateau via Timberline creek and exit over the West Fork. This trip involves a shuttle drive.

Don't hesitate to ask about this trip and any customizations.

Aero Lakes

3-5 day Backpacking Trip

Roughly 26 miles with 3500 ft of elevation gain, the Aero Lakes area in Cooke City site of the Beartooth wilderness provides a wild landscape with glacial lakes, streams, alpine and sub-alpine environments.

We will begin our hike out of Cooke City on the "Lady of the lake" trail towards Lower Aero Lake. From here we wander at about 10000ft in the Aero Lakes area with a potential non-technical summit of Glacier Peak or visit Sky Top Glacier at the foot of Granite Peak.

Along the Sky Top Lakes we return via the many lakes north of the Areo Lakes and meet our initial trail.

Don't hesitate to ask about this trip and any customizations.

This area is limited to 2022 under Gardiner RD FS Permit

Crow Lake

2 day Backpacking Trip

16 miles long and 3000 ft of elevation gain, this 2 day backpacking trip leads you through  foothills of the Beartooth mountains via the Red Lodge Creek trail.

This is a in and out trip while camping at the beautigul crow lake in a more alpine setting.

Don't hesitate to ask about this trip and any customizations.

Red Lodge Plateau

3-5 day Backpacking Trip

Roughly 16 miles with a total of4500 ft of elevation gain, the Red Lodge Creek Plateau sits on the forestry foothills of the Beartooth mountains.

This two day trip begins at the Red Lodge Creek trailhead with a camp at Crow Lake and a descending day over the Red Lodge Creek plateau to the West Fork drainage.

This trip involves a shuttle drive.

Don't hesitate to ask about this trip and any customizations.