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Beartooth mountains
Ice climbing


On the Northern front of the Beartooths, Red Lodge is the entrance town to the Beartooth mountains. It is home to a few fun and local ice climbs. The ease of access by being so close to town is hard to beat.

Red Lodge, Montana

Getting There

The town of Red Lodge is accessed by the HWY 212 and can be only accessed in the winter from the North East. Or over smaller roads from Cody, WY. Major cities and airports around are: Cody (1 hr drive), Billings (1hr drive) and Bozeman (2,5 hr drive).

The Ice Climbing

Everything in the Beartooth mountains is considered as remote and demands local knowledge and higher skills. Climbs are around town (20 min drive) with 1-2 hour approach times. East Rosebud is another starting point for adventurous ice climbs with approach times from 15 min to 3 hours (the upper side of the scale is wide open...).

The Town

Red Lodge is nestled in the foot of the Beartooth mountains on hwy 212, just outside of Yellowstone National Park. It is a starting point to drive the scenic Beartooth hwy in the summer time.


Like many small mountain towns, Red Lodge was originally established as a mining town, lending to it's Western feel. Nowadays the mining has come to end, leaving reasonable access to the mountains and a town oriented towards those who appreciate the mountains.

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