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Advanced Ice Climbing

You have a bigger objective in mind or want to climb more advanced and difficult ice with one of our experienced guides? Book an advanced ice day for long and difficult objectives like "Cali Ice". This is typically a 8-12 hour day.



Climbing experience and higher fitness level needed


Ability to hike in the uneven and snowy terrain for 3 hrs


$498 - $695


 Dec 15 - March 30, request availability


December to March

Group Size:

1-2 participants


1 day with up to 12 hours of field time


Rock Creek & East Rosebud, Montana


Rental climbing equipment, group equipment, & instruction from a professional guide 


Ice climbing boots, food, transportation, lodging, personal items, and guide gratuity

Guided Advanced Ice Climbing

in Red Lodge and Beartooth mountains, Montana and South Fork, Wyoming

A guided day of ice climbing is the perfect way to break into the sport or to experience it in a safe way for the first time. Ice climbing can be intimidating at first but with the right mentor on your side and the knowledge to work with experts will give you more room to focus on this new experience rather than being concered with its hazards.

How does an advanced day on ice look like?

First we get a gauge of what your experience level is and what you are looking for!

Then we will find an objective (ice climbing route) and area that fits you and your group. The guided ice climb can take up to 12 hours and we need to ensure that you have all the right gear beforhand. On the day of, we do a long multi-pitch day and explain you beforehand how to clean gear, belay etc. Weather is always a limiting factor and unless there are perfect conditions we will need to find a different day. The approaches take us into the backcountry and can take up to 3 hours, be prepared for some hiking!

I have already ice climbed before, can I climb a more challenging objective?


Yes, of course! This is why you ended up on this page.

The water ice falls in the Beartooth mountains  are mostly remote and therefore offer a unique ambience. Cali Ice 6-10 pitches (WI III+) or Spagetti Falls (WI IV) are some examples for the climber with ice climbing experience.

Interested in instructional ice courses? Check out our ice course offerings

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Have any questions? Just reach out to us, we are happy to answer them.

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