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Cochamo Rock Climbing

International Trips


Antalya Rock Retreat

On this exclusive trip to the Lycian coast of Turkey, you can expect world class rock climbing, inviting locals, and truly relaxing vistas and campgrounds.

This experience, perhaps the only one offered, was designed for the climber in need of some exploration and a retreat from daily life.
It is perfect for those who have experience sport climbing or even just in the gym and want to test their skills on real rock

Iceland Ice Climbing

Eexpect world class ice climbing, relaxing hot springs, and wild landscapes on this unique trip to the Westfjords of Iceland.
This experience was designed for the experienced ice climber in need of an adventure. It is perfect for those who have experience ice climbing at multiple venues in the US or Canada and looking to branch out into new locations.
Bildudalur Westfjords Iceland Ice Climbing
Cochamo Chile Climbing

Cochamó Climbing Expedition

Valle Cochamó, Chile is world class traditional rock climbing with tranquillo campsites, and a proper South American experience.
This was designed for the climber looking for a unique, exotic granite climbing trip. Have you climbed in Yosemite, but found the crowds overwhelming? Do you wish there was a destination like Squamish, just in a more wild setting? Have you always wanted to climb in South America, but the glacial travel sounds unappealing? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is what you're looking for. 
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